JDM Engine Corp was established in 2005 and has grown to become the no. 1 JDM engine importer in the US. At JDM Engine Corp, we are dedicated in providing customers high quality low mileage performance & nonperformance JDM Acura, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, Infiniti Gasoline & Diesel Engines & Transmission directly from the Japanese Domestic Market courtesy of our Japanese connections that are instructed to send genuine, tested and running engines. 

We also carry other JDM parts such as seats, front ends, front clips, OEM and aftermarket wheels and rims. At JDM Engine Corp we understand how important your vehicle is to you and using our vast experience we can help you find a solution that best matches your needs. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality parts for their vehicles at the most competitive price. 

We are passionate about Japanese cars and this is clearly represented in the manner in which we conduct business. JDM Engine Corp is your one-stop shopping solution for all your Japanese car needs!

Why Choose Us?

  • Largest on-hand inventory of JDM engines, transmissions, and accessories
  • Providing highest quality parts at extremely cost-effective pricing
  • Fast and free shipping anywhere in the continental US
  • Standard warranty and return policy
  • More than a decade of satisfied customers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy payment plans

For more information, please either call us or email us at info@jdmenginescorp.com

***** Before Reading Our Warranty & Return Policy, Please Be Advised That All Return Shipping Charges Will Be On Our Buyers & Replacement Shipping Charges On JDM Engine Corp *****
***** If You Do Not Agree With These Terms Then Please Do Not Place Your Order With JDM Engine Corp *****
***** By Placing Your Order With JDM Engine Corp, You Do Agree To All Terms & Conditions Of Sales Being Put Forward *****
Any stock (non performance) engines or transmission purchased from JDM Engine Corp. includes a 30-day start up warranty starting from the day received and all performance engines or transmissions (i.e. all turbocharged, supercharged, V-TEC Engines & Mazda KL-ZE Engine) include a 14-day start up warranty also starting from the day received. All Brand New Distributors come with 1 Year Replacement warranty and warranty will be void if Burnt, Damaged or Not Professionally Installed!
30% Re-stocking on all returns for Refund (with in waranty period), our warranty for Defective engines or transmissions is Replacement Warranty Only but if you Return it for Refund then there will be 30% re-stocking fees.
The engine or transmission has to be installed with in the start up warranty period and an email has to be sent to jdm@jdmenginescorp.com or info@jdmenginescorp.com to confirm the installation, the warranty will be void if we do not receive the email with in the warranty period and the warranty covers Only Internal Parts of The Engine Block and Head and Transmission and there are no warranty for parts and accessories and labor!
All Rotary (13B, 13B-T, 13B-TT, 13B-RE & 20B 3 Rotor), Diesel & Turbo Diesel Engines come with start up warranty on Engine Head & Block's Internals Only, the engine has to be installed with in 14 days from the day received and in the event an engine is defective, it has to be returned to us with that 14 days, JDM Engine Corp reserves the right to either replace or issue refund to customer.
JDM Engine Corp. will be responsible to replace or fix the defective part, at our discretion (if under warranty). Since we offer FREE shipping, customers will be responsible for returning the engine or trans at their expense and we will send them a replacement at our cost or refund their money in Full. The warranty will be void if the engine Head or Block is opened by the customers or parts being replaced. The warranty will also be void if engine is over heated or raced or being installed by a Non Certified mechanic. JDM Engine Corp. will not be held responsible if the engine purchased does not fit into the designated vehicle. Before purchasing the engine, the customer must verify that the engine will fit into said vehicle. We are not responsible for the failure of emissions and smog tests.
Here at JDM Engine Corp we do our best to make sure that the shipments get to our customer the best way possible and they do not get damaged but since we do not do the handling part we ask our respective customers to inspect the shipment before you sign for it, if you see any damages from out side then please refuse the shipment and notify us and email us the reason why you refused it, but please do it if you see any damages to the engine or transmission or any part you purchase from us, and once we receive the Refused shipment here at JDM Engine Corp, we will then send you a replacement. we use really Good strapping and black stretch wraps and you can see a picture of the engine strapped & wrapped and all our orders are shipped the same way.